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Top Kart pay tribute to its 2011 American champions

With 23 drivers and 39 titles, Top Kart lived a fantastic 2011 in America. On the brink of a new and intense racing season, team manager Antonio Penna wanted to praise all who has contribuite to enrich the italian factory palmares.

“We’re really proud to read a so long list of winners and wins. This confirms the great work of the team and our drivers’ talent, always at the top on every circuit, and using different engines and tyres”, Penna said.

“Our target is to confirm us on the same level, and, if possible, to do even more”.

2011 American Top Kart champions’ list

Alieja White (Kermin Kart Club Jr 2 Clone)
Alieja White (Kermin Kart Club Jr Briggs 206)
Andrew Murowatz (LAKC KPV1)
Austin Elliott (SKUSA Pro Kart North Tag Senior)
Austin Elliott (Gold Rush Sr Yamaha Super Sportsman)
Bo Olsen (Kermin Kart Club Kid Kart)
Camden Geise (IKF Region 7 PRD Sr)
Connor Ferris (Raceway Park Yamaha Rookie Sportsman)
Garrett Johnston (New Jersey Sprint Series Yamaha Junior Lite)
Garrett Johnston (New Jeresy Sprint Series Komet Jr Heavy)
Hunter Corbitt (SKUSA Pro Kart North Mini Rok)
Jake Johnston (New Jeresy Sprint Series Yamaha Junior Heavy)
Jared Korth (Kermin Kart Club Kid Kart Novice)
Jared Mullis (Kermin Kart Club Sr Briggs 206)
Jason Hannegan (IKF Region 7 PRD Jr)
Jason Hannegan (Kermin Kart Club KPV2)
John Ferris III (WKA Manufatcure’s Cup Tag Masters)
Johnathon Shone (Tri-C KPV1)
Jon Ban ((Gold Rush 80cc Shifter)
Joshua Early (PAK KPV1)
Kolby Araki (Kermin Kart Club Sr Superbox)
Mark Boos (Raceway Park Yamaha Super Can)
Mark Boos (New Jersey Sprint Series Tag 2)
Mason Chelootz (WKA Manufacture’s Cup Komet Heavy)
Noah Garza (IKF Region 7 Comer Jr 1)
Noah Garza (Kermin Kart Club Comer Jr 1)
Noah Garza (Kermin Kart Club KPV1)
Owne Lloyd (WSKC KPV1)
Ryan Raffa (WKA Manufacture’s Cup Komet Sportman)
Ryan Raffa (Raceway Park Jr Sportsman)
Ryan Raffa (Raceway Park Jr Yamaha)
Ryan Raffa (New Jersey Sprint Series Jr 1 Comer)
Ryan Raffa (New Jersey Sprint Series Jr Sportsman)
Ryan Raffa (New Jeresy Sprint Series Yamaha Sportsman Lite)
Sonny Cervelli (Outlaw KPV2)
Sonny Cervelli (Gold Rush KPV2)
Zane Smith (4 IKF Cadet Grand National Championships)
Zane Smith (IKF Lake Speed Winner)
Zane Smith (WKA Grand National Class Winner)